The winners of the Scorpions – Return to Forever competition!

We are pleased of the success of our competition, Scorpions – Return to Forever! We have 10 invites to the concert on Saturday, July 16th, for those of you who send us their story about how they discovered the Scorpions and we were overwhelmed by the avalanche of messages we received. This is what the winners wrote:

Felician Panaite:

I discovered the Scorpions first on Lentzi’s TV-show Rock Zone, on MTV (back when MTV would still play real music). Back then, I was obsessed with playing Heroes 2, playing the album Wind of Change in the background (Rock You Like a Hurricane being my favorite). I still find this a cool combination. I wanted to go their concert in Romania before, but I never could, until now.

Mihai Boar:

I can say that Scorpions has had a great influence on myself, given that I did not grow up in a family that would listen to this type of music. I have never been too drawn to music until I went, mostly because one of my colleagues wouldn’t stop insisting, to a Scorpions concert… From that moment, music started to mean everything for me! Immediately, on the second day after attending the concert of the Scorpions, I decided that I wanted to do exactly what they were doing and I started studying percussion, ever since…soon after, I managed to hold my own concerts, on the same stage where the Scorpions sang, and from this point forward I realized that, without their influence, I would not been where I am.

Ramona Drăgușin:

I discovered the Scorpions when I was 14 and my boyfriend wanted to surprise me, so he gave me a CD of the band. I would like to listen, especially, Send Me an Angel. From that moment, whenever I listen to it it reminds me of him.

Claudia Surdu:

The first time I heard about the Scorpions was in the secondary school, I believe in the VIIth grade, meaning somewhere in 2002. I was listening to radio quite a lot, back then. My favorite song is You and I.

Ionuț Cătălin Ștefan:

I discovered the band by accident, in the car with my father, on our way to my grandparents. He had a tape and, as curious as I am, I put it in the cassette player and pushed Play. The first song I listened to was Rock You Like A Hurricane. From that point forward, I continued to listen to old rock bands (the dinosaurs of rock) and not only. I also discovered Queen, in the same way.

Tudor Ancu:

My first memory from a musical concert dates back to ’93. I was 4 and I remember it almost perfectly… OK, approximately everything! I come from Alexandria. My father was a huge fan. we had about 2-3 vinyl albums, which he played every weekend. I can still remember my dad approaching my mother and telling her: ‘We have to pack quickly and to hurry to Bucharest, for the concert.’ The following memory is from the stadium, when Scorpions were playing Wind of Change (later I found out the name of the song, and now I know the lyrics by heart). EVERYBODY had a lighter and they were signing together TAAAKEEEE MEEEE… Several minutes later, my father told me: ‘I’ll go closer, where I can see better and then, at the end of the concert, he came back extremely happy and he told me: ‘I talked to the lead singer (Klaus) and he told me to give you a kiss.’ He hugged me, he kissed me and, after that, I can’t really remember too much, except that an entire crowd was leaving home and that we slept over at one of my cousin’s place. I fell asleep and I woke up, on the second day, in the train, on my way to Alexandria.

Vlad Pricop:

I discovered this band as a child, since my father is a rock fan.

Ramona Melinte:

I discovered Scorpions right after the revolution, in 1989, and I was only a child… All radio stations were playing Wind of Change. The song fascinated me from the first beat. In 1990, somewhere in  fall, I managed to purchase my first tape of the Scorpions, which I listened insanely on my Russian cassette player at home… Those were beautiful days… Many years later, by coincidence, I attended their concert at Cerbul de Aur, in 2002. And from that point forward I dream about doing it again.

Alex Toma:

The first song I remember is Still Loving You’and I discovered it when I was about 10. Back then, my father was playing records or cassettes. Even now I have 5 of their songs on my phone, songs such as Living for Tomorrow, Dreamers from the concert Acoustica, or Believe in Love.

Alexandra Harabula:

Scorpions still is one of my favorite bands. In high school, I was a huge fan… The song Wind of Change was our anthem, the anthem of our class! I can’t believe that they are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary, and that they are coming to Bucharest! I have never heard them in a live concert, but they are on my ‘TO DO list’!

Take me to the magic of the moment On a glory night Where the children of tomorrow dream away (dream away) In the wind of change…

Congratulations to the winners! We are awaiting for your thoughts after the concert! 🙂

#CGSDreamTeam #RockYouLikeAHurricane

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