We discover talents right by our side: Ovidiu, also called Marzipan

Ovidiu, also called Marzipan, is passionate about sweets and makes some brilliant cakes that not only look good, but that are also very tasty. “He also CAKEd us a couple of times”, his colleagues tell us.


Because for all of us cakes represent an important topic, we also interviewed Ovidiu and we found out that he has been a part of the CGS team for about 1 year. But the passion for sweets and especially marzipan is much older. It started since childhood, somewhere around the age of 8. “I made a cookies recipe that I had memorized one week before making it. The result was successful and edible”.

The nickname Marzipan seems to be funny enough as to be part of the subject: “Friending some colleagues on Facebook and posting photos of my “works of art”, I received more and more often the question regarding the ingredients of a certain or other cake and I told them the main ingredient (marzipan). Regularly repeating this ingredient, I was stuck with this nickname”.

And as we are curious in nature, we wanted to know what was Ovidiu’s most original product. This is what he “told us”: “It was a passion fruit sorbet with smoked fish soup. And I am not joking. It turned out to have an excellent taste”

Our story today, sweetened with Marzipan 🙂 comes to an end, as we would say, with suggestive images 🙂