We discover talents right by our side: Anisoara, from translator to hairstylist!

We have known Anisoara for over 5 years, more exactly since November 2010 when she joined our team. We know about her that she is serious and dedicated but we also know she has an old passion for hairstyling. How old? “since middle school when I already knew how to braid and I had a different hairstyle every day. But it was only in high school when I started to make braids or buns for others”.

Anisoara Lacatus

Her passion gained more significance a while ago, making her change her plan to open a translation office where she could practice her “basic job” and start a hairstyling training course. “There was a period of seminars, seminars that you must constantly attend as there are always changes in this area. You always have something to learn, even if you have enough experience. And I am now offering my styling services, styling for occasions, hair dying, haircuts, perms… everything to do with hairstyling in a parlour.”


Anisoara was also the one who confessed to us that it was pretty difficult at first but eventually she managed to attract enough clients to reach her goal: “to see the happiness and content of a person I just styled”. Also, she appreciates the understanding she benefited from the CGS team. “I could not have done this if here in CGS I had not had understanding and flexibility from the team leader :), because in this area, you are always depending on the client’s time and you are mostly compliant with his/ her schedule”.