National Football League, at CGS office in Sibiu

Inspired by Winter Corporate Games, the sports competition in which they participated in the second half of the month of January, some of our colleagues in Sibiu found a new challenge, on the same subject. Therefore, they decided that the entire month of January should be spent under the theme: American National Football League (NFL).

Thus, following the championship model, our colleagues split into teams and chose their names and visual identities by inspiring themselves in the greatest American football teams and started the competition. Each day of the month, they organized “games” between 2 teams, this time, however, the stake were not the passes but the sales. Stimulated by competition frenzy, our colleagues strove against another to find the best sales techniques to increase their volume and secure a place in the NFL finals at CGS Romania.

Like in the USA, NFL games are famous not only for the actual competition, but also for the commercials broadcasted during game breaks, and our colleagues had to produce such a commercial to promote a service or product of the customer for which they work at CGS Romania. Creativity did not fail to kick in and the results were worthy of a “champions’ league”.

Our Super Bowl – the great NFL final – took place on the 28th of January and, like in the American version, it went beyond the boundaries of a sports competition and became a real quality event focused on success, which attracted the attention of all colleagues in CGS Sibiu office. Popcorn, chips and refreshments were also present, like in any self-respecting sports final. The stars of the day were definitely the cheer leaders who unwound the atmosphere, while waiting for the results of the final.

The winning team was Philadelphia Eagles, led by our colleague, Andrei Bacila. For the sales registered in the month of January, the Philadelphia Eagles received a budget for an evening out, for the entire team, to celebrate the victory.

What is going to be the next challenge?