CGS Romania placed its Cards on the Table

CGS Romania embarks with Cărțile pe Față (Cards on the Table) on a reading adventure. We will gather together books for disadvantaged schools that do not benefit from their own libraries.

Cărțile pe Față is a campaign to promote reading in the most unconventional ways. It has started in January 2014, in Cluj-Napoca, and until today it has over 34,000 fans in the virtual community on Facebook. It all started with a speech in which author Adela Muresan was saying that everything we read is written on our faces. The initiator of the campaign, Victor Miron, decided to take this phrase literally and promote on Facebook photos in which he covers his faces with books he read. More than 30 actions from campaigns have aroused curiosity among Romanians. Book based free entry at the Botanical Garden, discount at the dental office only if you tell the doctor what book brought your most recent smile, reduction in bookstores for those who change their profile picture to a bookselfie, free taxi for readers and many other actions have brought benefits to those who read.

The actions implemented by Cărțile pe față have emerged in other cities in Romania, where their admirers took initiative. These include Alba Iulia, Focşani, Satu Mare, Braşov, and the list is growing as time passes.

CGS Romania supports education, personal development and culture. We want young people who visit us to grow with us, both in practice and through reading. We believe that reading is one of the most fundamental ways based on which an individual can develop. This should be instilled early in young peoples’ lives. For this reason, we want those less fortunate to benefit from this simple right.

Therefore CGS Romania starts a campaign to collect books for disadvantaged schools with Cărțile pe Față. We invite you to donate books in our offices in Bucharest, Sibiu, Brasov and Targu Jiu as well as in the Cărțile pe Față location in Cluj-Napoca, Piaţa Mihai Viteazul, nr. 33, ap. 7.

Together we can make a change in the Romanian education!